Cookie Policy

Dear Visitor,

As Gün + Partners and Gün Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi ("Gün Danışmanlık") (collectively referred to as "Gün") ensuring your privacy and security during your visit to our website is among our first priorities.         

In this regard, you may visit our website, get informed of the services Gün provides, and end your visit without sharing any personal data with us.

During your visits, very limited types of cookies are used in order to meet the needs of your visit experience on our website. During your visit, information such as language of your internet browser or mobile application, time zone you are in, time spent on our pages and search engine optimization information is obtained. It is not possible for us to identify you with using such information. Therefore, we can assure you that any personal data will not be processed unless you contact us.

What is A Cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file sent to your computer by our website's server when you visit our websites. Cookies are widely used to give you a better and faster visit experience.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use and Why?

First, it should be noted that there are two types of cookies according to their retention period: Permanent Cookies and Temporary Cookies. These two types of cookies can also be used on our website for the following purposes:

Permanent Cookies: Cookies that remain on the computer / mobile device after closing the browser or application. They stay until you delete them or they expire. Their purpose is to remember your preferences for settings so that your experience of visiting the website continues as expected.

Temporary Cookies: These are the cookies that are created during your visit and are deleted after the end of any session, also called "session" cookies accordingly.

In addition, it is possible to classify cookies according to their functions and purposes. In this context, cookies can be classified in summary as follows:

As you may be awae, cookies do not collect your personal data in principle. However, some may provide information that can identify you when it matches other information you may provide during your website visit. Such cookies will also be subject to the personal data protection policy and/or privacy notices of the respective website. This is entirely subject to the cookie policy of the relevant website.

As Gün, we use cookies on our websites only on the pages including forms (such as contact form) in order to ensure the security of the forms. Form cookies contain no information about the user's visit. They generate a tokenn (key) merely to secure the form but is automatically deleted when the browser tab is closed. These cookies are called as transient cookies or temporary cookies. They are not stored on the visitor's device, but rather in the active memory. They are deleted after logout (or end of session) or a certain period of inactivity. These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website and for the website experience of our visitors.

Other than the temporary session cookies above, there are also cookies called permanent cookies (or persistent cookies) that are created not directly by us but by the tools we use for measurement and analysis on our behalf. These cookies are used to identify multiple independent sessions. In this context, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, LinkedIn, and Add This tools are used for measurement and analysis, the latter (Add This) is used only for sharing on article pages. We recommend you also review the privacy and cookie policies of these tools. By these tools, information about language of your internet browser, time zone you are in, time spent on our pages and search engine optimization information etc. is obtained and information about visits to our website is shared anonymously and cumulatively with us (such as how many visitors from which country) through the tools we use. The tools we use do not share with us the personal data they process. On the other hand, the cookies created by these measurement tools have no effect on the operation of the site. Therefore, the use of such cookies through these tools is subject to your consent. If you do not give your consent, the site will continue to run with no problem on the visitor's device. If you do not give your consent, we will not be able to obtain analytical information about your visit. 

In addition to the cookies designed and used by Gün, cookies can also be used within the scope of services received from third parties. However, we ensure that the cookies to be used by the respective third parties can only be used for the purposes stated above. Your personal data will not be collected through cookies to be used by them.

How are Cookies Collected?

Cookies are collected through your devices through which you access to our website and application. This information collected is specific to your devices. When you visit our website from another device, cookies collected during your previous visit will not be used.

How To Change Your Cookie Preferences?

You can control cookies as you wish, prevent them from being collected/saved, or delete them if they have been collected. Most internet browsers and mobile devices allow this. How you can do this may differ for each browser and mobile device. The necessary information and directions can be found in the Settings section of your browser and mobile device.

If you choose to delete cookies, permanent cookies will be deleted. If you choose to block cookies completely, this may also prevent functional cookies from working. Therefore, our website may not work properly and effectively.